At GIVE, we are doing things a little differently. Here, every single purchase has a purpose. We are a 100% Plant Based Cafe that gives 100% of its profit to the people & the places that need it most.

How do we do this you may ask? Well we operate just like any other café, you visit us and we serve you delicious meals, drinks & coffee. From these sales we then take out our operating expenses {eg staff salaries, rent costs ect} and then the remaining profit is then donated to charity instead of going back to a team of individuals. We strongly believe that when you have more than you need, you should build a longer table – not a higher fence. Hence our decision to give back to the island and the people who over the years have given us so much love & joy.  

Each month we carefully carefully choose 3 charities that we feel are doing the best and the most impactful work. With every customer purchase they are given a symbolic coin which they can then place in the donation box located in the center of the café depicting which charity they would like their contribution to support.

We aren’t looking for ground breaking contributions but we want to show that every little bit counts and that just by dining with us you can make a collective difference.

So join us at our communal table and eat, share and give a damn for those who need it the most.

Give love, give hugs, give time, give knowledge - #GIVEMORE.